Focus on | 09-01-2014


Aluminium is more and more used in cars for its lightness and resistance. This material, while being reactive and oxidizable, it is very resistant to corrosion. Its usage in bodywork and main parts of motor vehicles is first stated in the segment of sportcars and luxury, and then spread even in vehicles of lower cost. Bodyshop repair of aluminium components can be made based on the same principles applied to the steel, however both the equipment and some items require specific attention. The heat treatment of the damaged part is indeed a task from which you cannot ignore both for heating and for cooling. Even pulling tools must be specifically designed to make shooting effort gradual and not abrupt. MWM equipments allow you to make everything in a fast and effective manner: from the hammers in a special aluminum alloy to the cooling spray you can found in MWM carts everything needed to perform repairs on this type of material. WATCH THE VIDEO ON OUR CHANNEL.